Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance Overview

Someone suffers an accidental injury every 2 seconds in the home, every 6 seconds at work and every 9 seconds while driving a motor vehicle.1

Would your employees recover from the expenses of an accident? An accidental injury can be devastating for your employees and their families – not just physically, but financially.

Medical treatment and ongoing care for an injury can be costly. Even with the best medical benefits available, there may be some expenses that won’t be covered.

Help your employees offset those expenses with an accident insurance policy.

Our coverage provides a cash benefit to help:

  • Pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses

  • Supplement daily living expenses

  • Cover lost income for unpaid time off work

It’s the extra layer of protection your employees need for if and when a life challenging event happens.

Available Benefits

  • Lump-sum cash benefit paid directly to the insured

  • Express Benefit

  • Flexible plan design

  • 24-hour and off-job coverage

  • Coverage for the most common accidents

  • Initial care/emergency benefits

  • Annual benefit maximum

  • Fully portable coverage

Optional Features

  • Spouse and child(ren) coverage

  • Catastrophic (AD&D) coverage

  • Annual health screening

  • Family care

Accident Insurance Scenario

Don’t Let an Injury Catch Your Employees Off Guard

While health insurance may cover many of the medical costs associated with an injury, an accident insurance policy can pay for daily living expenses and lost income while an employee is recovering.

Here’s an example of how accident insurance can help. Susan’s son, Jake, was playing soccer during recess at school. He trips, falls hard, injures his shoulder and is transported by ambulance to the ER due to concerns of head trauma. The ER doctor orders a CT scan to check for any facial or head injuries, and a shoulder X-ray.

Jake was diagnosed with a concussion and broken collarbone. His arm was set in a sling, and he was released to his pediatrician for follow-up care. Jake visits his pediatrician at two weeks and again at one month after the accident to make sure he’s healing well.

In the meantime, Susan starts receiving bills for the care Jake received. The ambulance bill alone was $556. He’s a pretty healthy kid, so the individual deductible of $1,500 had to be met before Susan’s health insurance would begin covering Jake’s care, and after that, there’s a 20 percent co-pay.

With accident insurance, Susan would be eligible to receive these claim payments:

If an accident occurs, would your employees be prepared to pay for medical bills and still provide for their families?

This is a hypothetical story of a situation our customers could face. It does not represent an actual person. The expenses are for illustration purposes only. Expenses may vary by injury, state or provider.

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